An art quilt of a christmas tree with colorful lights as seen through a set of snowy french door windows


My first quilt was, of course, for my first child’s birth. I wasn’t too sure what I was doing and I regret not taking a picture of the final product. It wasn’t until later, after it had become her ‘blankie’ and taken with us everywhere and washed many, many times and started to fall apart from wear that a picture of it new would have been nice. I designed it using some scraps I had from making maternity dresses. I was largest during the summer months so they were all cottons! I bought a couple pieces to fill in the gaps because I didn’t dress in rainbow colors. Not knowing if it would be a boy or girl I decided a rainbow of color would be fitting. It was a simple design (I say that, but I did some cross stitch on it too) in 4 inch squares of alternating solids and florals, each color with a center square of a cross stitched bird from a free pattern I had picked up at the craft store. They were supposed to be bluebirds with pink breasts I guess, but I did one in each of the rainbow colors. I was doing a bit of cross stitch then and my embroidery floss stash had all I needed. I even lucked out finding some aida cloth that was not horribly starched stiff for my little birdies. I’ll have to recreate that one of these days and make a pattern available so you can make one too.

baby sleeping in a crib with a rainbow quilt to keep warm

The Christmas Tree Window wall hanging I designed a few years ago out of my love for Victorian houses, wallpaper, Christmas trees and French Patio Doors. It was a bit of a dream and a bit of storytelling fiction. After I made it I became familiar with the story of The Little Match Girl and it tinged the setting of the quilt with sadness. Where I was imagining looking in to see if my parents were inside so I could throw a snowball at the window (then get yelled at), now it reminds me of all those not so fortunate to call such a house a home. I have a house now (not Victorian) with those French Doors out onto my deck, but not the wallpaper, or the chair rail. I enjoy hanging this quilt every Christmas so the tree lights will ‘light up’ a room where there is no room for the real thing.

Stayed tuned for more of my quilt creations.


  1. I have a blurry photo of you in the crib with it. Will add here soon.

  2. Oh man, I would have loved a photo of blankie considering there isn’t much left of it at this point 😆

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