Sometimes it’s just easier to express one’s thoughts and emotions with a poem. Here’s the latest…

from July 26, 2023 “To My Darling Hannah – and Jessica Too”

You are immensely blessed,
Through a thousand loves,
Through a thousand hopes and dreams,
There is only you.

Through scattered darkness you came,
And there you were,
Blue eyes bright and shining,
A new day begins,

A new life for you,
A new life for us.

Changing us in ways we knew not at the time,
Yet years hence,
See the difference between,
Before you and after thence.

Not trading one small moment,
We stand fast,
Not wishing for what could have been,
Only wishing here and now would last.

Let not our scarceness scare you,
From being what you do best
Go out and conquer this world
As YOU, my Hannah, nothing less.

You mean the world to me,
So go get whatever it is,
That makes you smile and makes you laugh,

In doing those things our lives are complete,
Me as me, and you as you, replete.

from May 18, 2023, “My Brother”:

I see you through the glass,
Though fogged that it may be,
You’re like you always are,
Funny, and making fun of me.

Oh, how I’d like to tell you,
What’s been happening of late,
To tease you and to hug you,
But now it’s much too late.

Only in my dreams I’ll find you,
A bond I cannot break,
We were silly children once,
Now broken I’ll remain.

No more phone calls, no more jokes,
The silence gets so thin,
But the glass is much too thick,
And the fog is rolling in.

from May 10, 2023, “Quilting Addictions”

Quilters have addictions,
Of that we sure attest,
From fabric stashes growing,
To our tools, must be the best.

If I never make another quilt,
My craft room brings me joy,
Just thinking possibilities,
Drawing out one more.

Surrounded by my stashes,
My tools await my hand,
What is that you’re waiting for?
My crafty mind does ask.

For soon I’m cutting fabric,
And sewing out a spread,
Of combinations done with pride,
I’ve really done my best.

from May 4, 2023, “Paper Shredder”

There are places stiffened by your means
Of pulling and pushing my being to strain
While eyes are squinted in puffs of dust
Oh why are you doing this and that thus?

Your mind, it controls and prods into doing
What should be forgotten or left to stewing
Another day waiting would’ve been wholly fine
To continue this pushing and pulling of thine

The chewing of paperwork long gone and done
Not even the governance of such would want
Left in boxes and now it’s in bags
It’s still into cluttering all of my space.

The clock slowly ticking a tapping of pace
So slow and so arduous is this shredding race
Removal of clippings that won’t go through
The pile grows bigger for another set new

Folders for hanging, now set aside
New label, new place, and now it’s all mine
For whoever kept carefully all of this mess
For checking and audits, but no, not the press
Did commendable work of storing their case
Now sitting in bags, a big pile of waste.

from April 24, 2023, “Cookies and Kisses”

Did you take some cookies,
To sweeten up your day?
A reminder of me, I hope,
Since I’m so far away.

Our shared love of chocolate,
With nuts and cinnamon from a spoon,
Just for you, my love,
My heart is in them too.

Maybe one day we can share them,
Without such miles in between.
I hope you took some cookies,
To remind you of me.

from March 2, 2023, “In My Shoes”

I was in the war, or so it seems,
Maybe my mind playing tricks on me.

I feel the roughness of a uniform,
Ill fitting boots and gear galore,
Slurping soup from my metal hat
And smoking cigarettes on watch.

I smell the smells of war,
Of unbathed bodies, shaving cream on,
The earthy dirt beneath my feet
And gun powder puffs my face does meet.

I hear the crack of yonder guns,
And rat-tat-tat and then a bomb
Shouting, screams and bodies torn
The fear it rises every morn.

I wish I could just sit and hear
The sounds of Spring, of birdsong near
And watch the squirrels as they play
But these have long, long gone away.

Today’s the day I will be grateful for
The sun on my face, warm body whole.

from February 23, 2023 “Childhood Days”

A teddy bear, a bunny rabbit
Both defenders fair
Braver, stronger, than little I
Or so I did believe

They snuggled close to keep me safe,
From nightmares never seen
Monsters hiding under my bed
Were stopped from taking me.

They never wavered, always there
My guards, my friends indeed.
The smaller ones who always held
All my hopes and dreams.

My hurts they salved,
My tears they dried,
Oh, Ted and Buns,
How I loved thee!