Art Expressions

An Artist’s Life at Last

Three sprigs of lavender

Three sprigs of lavenderI am excited to share my art journey with you. I have spent many years making things. It is important to me to be productive and to make things that are useful as well as some things that are strictly expressive. I love to learn new techniques and to experiment with mediums, but fabric and paper will always remain a part of my creative expressions.

Please be patient with me as I try to upload some of my work that I am most proud of and tell you a bit about each. This is my portfolio. I hope you enjoy what you find and that you also find inspiration for your own creative expression. Don’t be afraid. Just go for it!

I have at times had to tell myself, “Oh, just wreck it!” (a new journal, sketchbook, a painting canvas) so I will get started. It’s never as bad as I imagine. Sometimes I surprise myself at what comes of my hand on some paint and a piece of paper. You can do it. If I can do it, you can too. Find something you love and let that thing inspire the song in your heart that hums the tune of your artful self.

Stay tuned for more of the art that is behind my fabric designs.